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Karina Matancillas (Bilingue en ingles y espanol)

Karina finished her dental assistant training at Phoenix College this year and joined us immediately after. She spent much of her extern time at PC in surgery and in pediatric dentistry. Her goals are to eventually move on into dental hygiene. She is also bilingual in English and Spanish. On her free time she enjoys exploring Arizona, as well as capturing her adventures with her videos. 


Centercare Arizona Raquel Barron

Raquel Barron

Raquel is the principal x-ray technician and infection control monitor at Centercare. She is originally from Wisconsin and came to us five years ago with a background in optical healthcare and in photography. She has received extensive training in radiography and in sterilization and is the principal trainer for the dental assistant externs that are sent to Centercare from schools around the valley. Her camera skills are much used as well with the large amount of intraoral photography that we do.

Out of the office, Raquel spends weeks every year as a mentor to socially challenged teens in urban Phoenix and in out-of-town camps. Raquel is a professional photographer and spends much off time shooting jobs and entering competitions.


Heidi Niebla Centercare staff

Heidi Niebla (Bilingue en ingles y espanol)

Heidi did her formal dental assisting training at Arizona College of Allied Health and spent her extern training time with us here at Centercare. Her assisting skills and winsome personality has made her the darling of her patients and coworkers both.

In the years she has been with us, Heidi has developed a broad understanding of dental treatment and has the added advantage of being able to communicate that bilingually in english and spanish. She is technically adept and is one of the assistants chosen to run the software that builds our digital single-appointment crowns. Heidi is a skilled surgical assistant and is heavily involved in the whole process of surgical reconstruction at Centercare, communicating with suppliers, managing the digital workups prior to surgery and assisting the actual surgery.

Heidi is married and has 2 daughters, 6 and infant.

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