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Your health is number one at Centercare, but beautiful smiles come a close second. Cosmetic surgery in Phoenix is in high demand in our dental practice and our doctors are very skilled.


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A “gummy” smile often is a condition that occurred in childhood when the teeth erupted. It can be corrected with a simple procedure that places the edge of the soft tissue correctly on the tooth. The result is a smile that shows the full height of the teeth and less gum covering them.

“Recession” is the opposite problem. When the gum level is too high, the tooth appears long and can be sensitive to touch and temperature. With extreme recession, bone support for teeth is reduced and occasionally a tooth can be lost as a result.

The corrective procedure is known as a soft tissue graft and restores both the height and thickness of the gum to its original level. The result is permanent and both recession and bone loss is stopped.


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