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Stacey Wassmer


Centercare Stacey Wassmer Coordinator

Stacey is the insurance coordinator for Centercare, coming here following years as an insurance examiner with a large medical insurance company, along with many other years in dentistry. She is the go-to person for ensuring that our patients are getting the responsiveness and the policy benefits they expect from their insurers. If you have insurance issues, Stacey is the one to call.

Stacey balances her time at the keyboard with time outdoors. She played fast pitch softball for many years in school and now does multi-mile hikes and bike rides several times a week and yoga at least twice. She skis yearly, and she and her husband, Jeff, are enthusiastic 4-wheelers, boaters and campers.



Robyn Taylor

Centercare Robyn Taylor Coordinator

Robyn is the face of Centercare, the one you first meet on entry. She is the periodontal and dental hygiene treatment coordinator which makes her the go-to person for scheduling periodontal treatment, from teeth cleaning to surgery. Robyn is experienced in dental chairside assisting, which makes her knowledgeable in guiding patients through the process of full treatment.
Robyn’s earliest healthcare training was on staff in hospital obstetrics. This experience gave her both a good biological background as well as in-depth understanding of insurance coverage. She is a good resource for patients trying to maximize their insurance benefits at Centercare.
Robyn has 2 daughters and a son, ages 9 to 15. Her girls are state champion level swimmers and both won gold at the junior Olympics. The oldest swam college times as a high school freshman. Her boy is a 4th grader and reads at a 12th grade level.



Shelley Geiser

Centercare Shelley Geiser

Shelley comes to Centercare with probably the most diverse resume in the house. She started her dental experience in the clinical end of the office and is certified in all of the skills needed by a clinical dental assistant. Her pleasant personality and disciplined working style lend themselves to managerial roles as well and that is where she fits in at Centercare. Shelley can field both clinical and insurance questions and is your go-to person for scheduling treatment in our office.

Out of the office, Shelley is an enthusiastic hiker and gym rat. Odds are by the time we start at 7 a.m., she has already done several miles on the canal and is already planning the next outing. You’ll love her if you haven’t met her already.

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