Mini Dental Implants

What are Mini Implants?

Dental implants are made in a variety of sizes and shapes and are used in a variety of ways. All dental implants are anchored in bone and all dental implants serve as an attachment for a device that has a particular function. Larger dental implants are usually made in 2 pieces. The actual implant is embedded in the bone of the jaw. A second part, known as an attachment, is threaded onto the implant and supports the crown or bridge that it was designed for.

Mini dental implants are the smallest in the implant family. They are narrow in diameter and are usually placed in groups. The most popular use of mini implants is for retention of full dentures. Our patients in Phoenix, AZ have experienced life-changing improvement in chewing and speaking after placement of these implants.

What is the Procedure for Placing Mini Dental Implants?

Placement of mini dental implants involves a minor surgical procedure. The denture, which is already made and fitted, is adapted to the newly placed implants and can be used immediately in most cases. The process is completed in 1 to 2 hours.

Like all implants, mini dental implants in Phoenix AZ are made of medical-grade titanium, the same that is used in all orthopedic replacements. The placement procedure involves making small openings in the bone of the jaw to receive them. Typically 4 are placed in the lower jaw and 6 in the upper. The placement is the most non-invasive of all implant procedures and there is minimal post-operative discomfort.

What are the Advantages of Mini Dental Implants?

Our patients in Phoenix, AZ invariably say the decision to go ahead with this procedure is one of the best dental decisions they have made. Mini implants are a cost-effective way to regain lost chewing function and thus regain a dietary balance that was lost when the teeth were lost.

Simply speaking well can be a problem for denture wearers and adding the retention afforded by mini implants gives back a whole new level of confidence in social interactions. Traditional, non-retained dentures can have a negative effect on anyone’s quality of life. Our Centercare patients in Phoenix have discovered that they can recover much of that quality by simply adding mini dental implants to their life.

To learn more about mini implants, click here to check out our website dedicated to our dental implants in downtown Phoenix!

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