Laser Curettage

Periodontitis bacteria infect both the surface of the tooth root and the soft tissue or gums which touch the root. Inflammation results and when this condition is present for a time, a certain amount of scarring occurs in the gums. This becomes a permanent and disfiguring condition and alters the body’s normal healing responses in periodontal treatment.

To reduce this scarring and return normal healing to the area, the periodontal therapists at Centercare use new diode lasers in a procedure known as soft tissue curettage. This treatment removes the altered and undesirable tissues from the affected areas and allows them to resume normal function. In many cases, this non-surgical procedure is enough to avoid surgery altogether. In some patients, it is done in conjunction with antibiotics or with Perio Protect mouthpieces to stop reinfection from occurring.

Laser curettage is done with local anesthetic and is not uncomfortable. There is virtually no post-operative discomfort and the treatment has been well-received by our laser dentistry Phoenix patients.

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