Perio Protect

A new weapon in our arsenal for managing periodontal disease and decay is an FDA-approved system that has the commercial name of PerioProtect, a type of periodontal treatment in Phoenix AZ.

Bacterial infections cause of periodontal disease and all of our treatment at Centercare is aimed at managing these bacteria and your body’s response to them. The difficult part is not so much what we do in the office, but how you can continue the treatment after your appointments with us.

PerioProtect is a system of tight-fitting, accurate mouthpieces that are custom-made by a laboratory and worn by patients for a short time each day. The fit of these appliances is designed to deliver an antibacterial treatment to the area under the gums that would be impossible to reach otherwise. It is an effective way to continue at home the momentum we have achieved for you in our office.

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