Ultrasonic Scaling

Instruments known as ultrasonic scalers are used for periodontal treatment in Phoenix AZ at Centercare to do this. These scalers are microprocessor-controlled instruments, using wireless technology, that produce an ultra-high vibrating frequency at their tips of 30,000 cycles per second. A frequency this high dislodges embedded material and ruptures cell walls of bacteria, thus cleaning and disinfecting the contaminated surface of the tooth root.To manage periodontitis, one of the best initial procedures that Centercare offers its Phoenix patients is known as scaling and root planing. In periodontitis, the surface of the root of the tooth, which lies under the gums, is infected with bacteria and is covered with a calcified deposit that actually protects and nurtures these bacteria. These deposits, along with the bacteria, must be removed to control the disease.

This procedure must be repeated periodically to be effective, and in many cases is followed by laser curettage and possibly with antibiotics.

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