What is sedation dentistry?

Unfortunately, the dental experience is high on the list of fears of many people. This fear of the dental chair often delays proper dental treatment for too long. At Center Care Dental Group, we offer sedation dentistry in Phoenix AZ to our fearful patients.
We offer sedation at Centercare because we acknowledge this fear and we want to shift the focus from fear to proper dental treatment. Sedation dentistry includes options that our Phoenix patients can explore to manage fear and anxiety. With sedation, dental procedures are far more bearable and comfortable. Long or invasive procedures are well-tolerated.
We tell our patients from Phoenix that dental fear is nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s common and we are used to it. But don’t compromise your dental health because of it. Our dental team in downtown Phoenix offers the best sedation dentistry option for each patient. The whole experience will be as pleasant and painless as possible.

Who can benefit from sedation dentistry in Phoenix?

Sedation dentistry is a good option for many situations like:
  • High dental anxiety
  • Strong gag reflex that interferes with the procedure
  • Physical conditions that cause discomfort in a dental chair
  • Resistance to local anesthesia (novocaine)
  • Long appointments that combine multiple procedures

What are the sedation options for patients in Phoenix?

The sedation options that we recommend CenterCare Dental Group are tailored to individual patient needs. Popular sedation choices in dentistry are:
Benzodiazepine drugs like Xanax, Valium or Halcion for sedation dentistry that will make a patient drowsy and relaxed. Some people sleep, others don’t, but the level of anxiety is reduced and comfort is increased. Even for those who don’t sleep, the amnesic effect of this sedation ensures that memory of the visit will be faint.
Antihistamines also have mild sedative properties and are often used in our Phoenix office as safe adjuncts to other drugs. The drying effect of antihistamines has the additional benefit of giving us a dryer field to work in, which adds to the comfort of the whole experience.
Oral Sedation
What is the medication?
One of many safe and widely-used sleeping pills will be used. In certain cases nitrous oxide gas may also be used as an additional medication. Nu Calm is often added to oral sedation. There are no additional drugs with this system.
Can I drive home?
No. The effects last many hours and driving is not safe. We will call your ride at the end of your appointment to bring you home. You should not plan to do anything but sleep for the rest of the day. By the next morning, you will feel normal, rested and ready to get on with your life.
Will you use a local anesthetic (Novocain)?
Always. Oral sedation is not general anesthesia. Treatment is no different than if you were not sedated. The difference is that you will be much more relaxed, the memory of the procedure will be minimal and the time will seem to fly by.
Will I be asleep?
Most people do doze during their appointment, but our primary goal is relaxation and comfort with safety.
How safe is it?
Properly administered oral sedation is the safest form of sedation. Our office is certified and inspected by the Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners for safety, We use sophisticated monitoring equipment during all procedures and you are always attended by a trained doctor or staff member.
Is it expensive?
No. There is a sedation fee to cover the expense of the drugs and the monitoring, but we don’t try to profit from sedation. Our profit (and yours) is in your comfort and in the quality of your care.
Would I be unusual in wanting sedation?
Not at all. Oral sedation in our office is very popular for surgery, for long appointments and for complicated procedures as well as for basic dental anxiety.


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