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Rosa Rodriguez (Bilingue en ingles y espanol)

Rosa is the insurance cordinator here at Center Care. Rosa has been with us for 2 years, after spending several years learning dental insurance elsewhere in our field. If you call with an insurance issue, odds are that Rosa will be the one who solves it. She is married and has a 5-year-old daughter, 1 year old baby girl, and another one on the way. She is also bilingual in english and spanish.

Centercare Robyn Taylor Coordinator

Robyn Taylor

Robyn is your treatment coordinator which makes her the go-to person for scheduling and financial arrangements for any treatment, from teeth cleaning to surgery. Robyn is experienced in dental chairside assisting, which makes her knowledgeable in guiding patients through the process of full treatment.

Robyn’s earliest healthcare training was on staff in hospital obstetrics. This experience gave her both a good biological background as well as in-depth understanding of insurance coverage. She is a good resource for patients trying to maximize their insurance benefits at Centercare.

Robyn has 2 daughters and a 2 sons, ages 2 year to 17 years. Her girls are state champion level swimmers and both won gold at the junior Olympics. The oldest swam college times as a high school freshman. The other is right behind her older sister. Her oldest son is a 7th grader and reads at a 12th grade level. And then there's the big blue eyed 2 year old that spent the first 3 months of his life at the office with Robyn. We all enjoyed that very much.


Mariola Widuch

Centercare has been serving patients downtown and in the historic districts for twenty-five years and Mariola has been part of that for twenty-one of those years. She is the omnipresent glue that connects all parts of the practice.  For supplies, insurance, software, clinical procedures, patient histories and all the details that make a dental practice go, Mariola is the final resource for everyone around her.

Mariola is a dentist, trained at the Medical Academy of Gdansk in Poland.  Within a month of completing her studies there, she was on a plane for Chicago to marry her American sweetheart, Mark. They came to Mesa and have a family of two boys, now 15 and 21.

Under Arizona law, Mariola would have to get additional training, out of state, to fully license to practice dentistry here. That hasn’t been feasible for her yet, but at Centercare we benefit from her knowledge and skills.







Anel Escobedo

Anel is the face of our practice she is the first person you meet when you walk in. Anel joined our front office staff on January 2018. She moved to Arizona from California in 2006, and for the past twelve years worked at another Dental Office until the Dentist retired. She has two daughters who are all grown up, and a 9 year old son. She is also bilingual in English and Spanish. 

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